Case Study One
“Between a Rock Collection and a Hard Place”
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Hanna Huff was on her way to the break room thinking about how neat it was that she found this really pretty shiny brown rock and then she found a black rock and then a reddish one, when she realized: “Oh my God! I have a new rock collection!” She couldn't wait to share her news with Wally. All of a sudden, she overheard Tina Biggs talking to herself. As she got closer, she realized Tina was on her cell phone.

Tina sounds a little disgruntled. She says that she’s just going to use her time while she’s at work to write her business plan to start her own marketing company. She plans on using B2E equipment and supplies.  She’s upset because she was one of the founders of the company and feels like none of her friends or brother, values her contributions. She feels if her friends or her own brother can’t treat her as an equal, she’ll branch out on her own. (after all, she’s almost completed her college degree).  She does not think there is anything wrong with this because the cost is not really coming out of anyone’s pocket.

B2E policy prohibits employees engaging in outside activities for personal gain during business hours and further prohibits employees' use of corporate equipment for personal or private ventures.

Hanna feels compelled to report this to Donna, her supervisor, but also fears that she will lose Tina's friendship. She is torn between her loyalty to her employer and to Tina. After all, Tina put in a good word for Hanna when she applied for the job. What will her co-workers think? If she reports it, will they praise her for her honesty and loyalty to the company for speaking out? Or, will they think she is a snitch and fire her? She is really caught between a rock and hard place.