Case Study Two
“Time is of the Essence”
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Donna has noticed that every time she goes to Wally's office, he is either on Facebook, Twitter, or playing some kind of online war game. Wally obviously knows that he should not be playing the game because he minimizes his computer screen every time Donna walks in. But, he does not believe that there is anything wrong with logging on to his Facebook or Twitter accounts while he is supposed to be working.

Donna thinks this should be included in his performance evaluation. She does not know how he gets his work done when he is always sending messages to his friends on Facebook. She also signed up on Twitter out of curiosity and found Wally's Tweets were of his progress on an online game called World of Warcraft. She realized all of his posts to his Twitter account were posted during working hours. Donna takes her job seriously and feels strongly about being very honest on performance evaluations. She feels that "time" is an important issue in the workplace and employees wasting time while they should be working is the same as stealing from the company.

Donna really feels time (in this case) is of the essence, especially since performance evaluations are due in the very near future.