Case Study Three
“Truth or Consequences”
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Hanna has overheard Tina talking on the phone, saying that she is unhappy at work, and she wants to start her own business. She has noticed how unhappy Tina seems these days, and thinks it is because every time she makes business suggestions, her older brother, Mr. Biggs just laughs at her.

Hanna confides this to Donna, the Administrative Director. As a strategic member of the management team, Donna takes the responsibility of supervising and supporting staff growth and development seriously, since she didn’t have good mentoring early in her working career.

Donna wants more accountability and transparency in the company. She is concerned that Mr. Biggs still hasn’t written an Employee Policy Handbook yet. When she prods him though he just says that he wants to keep things informal, and besides he’s a good judge of character, and “just knows” talent when he sees it.

She thinks he likes keeping it this way, so he can continue to keep his old fraternity buddies, Wally and Paul happy. She sees that Tina is a discouraged employee, and knows that she will leave if she doesn’t get some support and recognition soon. But she is afraid that if she brings it up to Mr. Biggs, he will get mad at her and hold it against her professionally.