Case Study Four
“She Mails Email”
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Hanna, the Administrative Assistant is worried that Tina, a very talented young employee (and Mr. Biggs younger sister) is going to leave and take another position. She and Donna- the Administrative Director- talked about the situation, and agreed to try and find ways to mentor and support Tina.

While Tina is out at lunch, Hanna brings some documents to Tina’s Inbox for signing. As she puts the papers down, her glance falls onto the monitor, and sees an email addressed to Tina, with the Subject line: New Job Opening, sent from a firm in Seattle. The Sender is offering to set up a job interview for a marketing position, and asks for a reply.

In college, she and Tina used to tease each other by sending the other one's boyfriend an email from the their own PC, as if they were actually the girl friend.

Hanna is sure that Tina would make a grave mistake if she applies for this position. As Tina's older friend, Hanna thinks she should sit down and send off an email declining the interview, and delete the original email, thus saving Tina from a making bad decision while she is angry.

After all, Tina will never know– and whom will it hurt?