Case Study Five
“Promotion Commotion”
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Donna, the Administrative Director has told Mr. Biggs that Tina is discouraged because she doesn’t feel her efforts are respected at B2E, and she is thinking of leaving.

Donna has been pushing for the development of an Employee Policy Handbook, as a way of creating transparency regarding things like raises and promotions. She points out that the handbook will be an essential tool in building a structure on which employees may place realistic job advancement expectations. It will also serve to build staff trust regarding equal opportunity. Mr. Biggs recently attended a corporate leadership-training seminar, and agrees to go forward and create the Employee Handbook.

Mr. Biggs acknowledges Tina’s talent and expertise in marketing. However, he worries that because Tina is his sister, if he gives her a desirable position, he will be accused of nepotism. Mr. Biggs confides this to Mora Compass, Marketing Manager. She suggests that he appoint Tina to a junior position on the soon-to-be-created marketing team that will develop the China project.

He reminisces to Mora about the camaraderie they all had when they all started the business after college. He tells Mora that some of their best ideas were conceived at the coffee place where they all lunched once a week. He says that as B2E has grown Mr. Biggs has noticed that the team spirit is no longer there, and it is beginning to affect productivity.

Should he promote Tina and risk the charge of nepotism? How can he recover the team spirit that B2E once enjoyed?