Company Background

B2E Marketing & Solutions

In 2006, three friends were having their weekly get-together at a local coffee shop. Tina Biggs, current college student, Donna “Big Dee” Value, Mora L. Compass, both recent college graduates.

Mora complained that she was at her wits end trying to find a job that would give her the opportunity to apply her newly acquired knowledge and skills in business marketing. She was having no luck. Donna agreed and felt she was in the same position, but felt worse because her degree in Fine Arts was so general that she felt she had no focus or emphasis in what type of job she was looking for.

In walked Tina's brother Thomas, who was also s recent graduate. He consoled them all and said, “Everything will be alright, from beginning to end, no matter what you do, it all works out.” He had earned an MBA in business management and just came from a very promising job interview.

At that point, their conversation turned into a brainstorming idea on how they could combine their skills in providing business solutions for customers from “beginning to end.” They all sat down together to talk business and “B2E Marketing and Solutions” was born.

Mr. Biggs would become the Chief Executive Officer. Mora, naturally, would be the Sales and Marketing Director and Dee and Tina would both serve in a variety of capacities and provide support where ever necessary. They started with local businesses and finally built up their business and made enough money to pay off their students loans by the end of 2007. Business was good and they were able to hire Customer Service Representative, Hanna Huff.

In the beginning of 2008, B2E Marketing and Solutions was growing so rapidly, they had just hired Paul E. Cuniary as Chief Financial Officer, and Waldo “Wally” William Webb, as Chief Information Officer because they were looking at growing their services globally.

In addition, Donna and Mora had gone to school with Miss Terry Tate, a Web Designer so they were considering contracting with her to help them with their Internet presence.