Ethical Issues
Human Resources Issues
HR is the most important resource to an organization. Issues associated with human resources occur as a result of employees working together. These issues are the largest category of ethical dilemmas in business.

Employee Safety Issues
Every employee is entitled to a safe and healthy work environment. Issues associated with employee safety issues occur as a result of forcing employees to perform an unsafe task or to work in unhealthy environments. These situations are another category of ethical dilemmas in business.

Conflicts of Interest
Conflicts of interest arise when an employee’s judgement is compromised due to external influences. A company may specify that an employee must not have any financial interests in a company that has dealings with or competing with it. A conflict of interest situation may not arise out of financial interest. One should be careful that while attempting to eliminate one conflict of interest another conflict issue isn’t created as a result. These situations present a particular ethical dilemma when the best interest of the employee and the best interest of the company are at odds.

Customer Confidence
It is the ethical responsibility of every employee to ensure that customers are treated fairly and that no harm comes to customers as a result of using the company’s products or services. These issues are important ethical dilemmas in business.

Use of Corporate Resources
Ethical use of corporate resources requires that employees be fair and honest to their employers. Some considerations that fall under this category include:
• Using the company letterhead
• Using company equipment for personal or outside business use
• Using supplies
• Skewed Financial Data
• Company-owned software taken for personal use

Internet Security
Our world has evolved into one where we interact with each other every day by using the internet. Electronic communication has become an essential part of our daily lives – at work and at home.

Ethics in internet security requires that employees be fair and honest in the use of electronic information avoiding the practices of:
• Plagiarism
• Intercepting private e-mail
• Improper use of an employer's network
(commercial/personal usage)
• Stealing credit information