Sources for Guidance
on Ethical Issues in the Workplace

Ethics Resource Center
Human Resource Solutions
Free Management Library
ASAE and the Center

Sleeping Dogs...Ethics in the Workplace:
by George Mazzeo

Ethics in the Workplace
by Keith Goree

Interactive Ethics: How Ethical & Unethical Decisions Are REALLY Made in Organizations
by Thomas, H. Schear

Working Ethics: How To Be Fair In A Culturally Complex World
by Richard Rowson

Managing Business Ethics: Straight Talk About How To Do It Right
by Linda K. Trevino and Katherine A. Nelson

An Introduction to Business Ethics
by Joseph R. DesJardins

There's No Such Thing As "Business" Ethics: There's Only One Rule For Making Decisions
by John C. Maxwell

Street-Smart Ethics: Succeeding in Business Without Selling Your Soul
by Clinton W. McLemore

Business Ethics: Mistakes and Successes
by Robert F. Hartley